News Releases

National Aviary and Baby Sloth Valentino Featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Public Invited to Watch Party in Helen M. Schmidt FliteZone™ Theater!

Hatching of Guam Kingfisher Chicks at National Aviary Boosts Population of Species Now Extinct in the Wild

AZA Species Survival Plan™ Breeding Program Plays Critical Role in Saving Species Nearly Wiped Out by Accidental Introduction of Brown Tree Snake to Island of Guam

Public Can Vote to name National Aviary’s newest Penguin

Visit before midnight April 25 to vote

Baby Two-Toed Sloth Joins the Flock at National Aviary

Three-month-old Linnaeus’s Two-Toed Sloth Will Be Hand-Raised as Educational Ambassador for Rainforest Species

Louisiana Waterthrush Study Published

New study uses songbird as bioindicator of potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing

Night in the Tropics

Purchase your tickets today to the Feathered Fiesta!

Andean Condor Exhibit Opens at National Aviary

Expansive new exhibit provides intimate look at endangered Andean Condors and other birds of prey.

Condor Court renovations begin at the National Aviary. New exhibit to house four Andean Condors.

The National Aviary is bringing Andean Condor conservation, education, and a little bit of Ecuador to Pittsburgh’s Northside with a new exhibit.

National Aviary displays life-size carvings of Passenger Pigeon and two other extinct birds, hosts reception with the artist

Now through December, area institutions mark the extinction of a once abundant bird in Pennsylvania with Project Passenger Pigeon Pittsburgh.

Keep Your Hummingbird Feeders Up Even as the Temperatures Drop This Fall

Public's Help Sought to Study Cold-weather Hummingbirds

National Aviary Awarded Power of Light Grant

Duquesne Light has awarded a $20,000 Power of Light grant to support the National Aviary’s educational programming throughout the Pittsburgh region.

"For The Birds" is Theater in Flight

“For the Birds” is a visual symphony designed for the National Aviary’s Helen M. Schmidt Flight Zone™ Theatre in celebration of International Migratory Bird Day.

National Aviary Names Newest African Penguins "Disco Dan" and "Mary Beth," Announces April 5 They'll Join the Colony

The National Aviary surprised Bylsma and his family prior to a celebratory penguin practice swim today, naming their two newest African Penguins – a female and male hatched on November 29 and December 2, 2013, respectively – after Mary Beth and “Disco Dan” Bylsma.

National Aviary Announces New Permanent Exhibit

Named “Canary’s Call,” exhibit highlights birds as indicators of environmental change
Exhibit features signature bird species alongside giant fruit bats called Malayan flying foxes

National Aviary Appoints New Leader

Cheryl Tracy has been named the new Managing Director/Chief Operating Officer of the National Aviary, effective July 1.

Flying Wild with the National Aviary!

Educational program introduces bird conservation

“Aviary on the Air” to Debut January 30th on KQV 1410

The National Aviary is proud to announce that its new radio show, “Aviary on the Air”, will debut on January 30th at 7 P.M. Eastern on KQV AM 1410.

National Aviary Birds to Appear on Today Show

Two winter-loving birds head to New York City

Kids with Autism Get Special Visit with Santa

National Aviary Offers Special Program

Santa Claus to Visit National Aviary

Skip the Shopping Mall a memorable holiday photo

New Birds of Prey on Exhibit at the National Aviary

North Side Attraction Prepares for the Holidays

Celebrate Owl-o-Ween

Hoot your way through Aviary in costume!

National Aviary Offers Positive Parroting Workshop

Do you have a pet parrot? Are you considering adding a pet parrot to your household? Parrots – including parakeets, cockatiels, conures, macaws, and cockatoos – can be incredibly rewarding pets for the right home, but they are not a low-maintenance alternative to a dog or cat.

Two African Penguin Chick Hatch at the National Aviary

First penguins hatched at National Aviary grow pen