Andean Condor, Marijo

Introducing Marijo!

The Andean Condor chick who hatched on June 7, 2022 is doing well and has a very special name: Marijo! Three generous friends of the National Aviary, Rich Caruso and John and Marianne DiDonato, chose her name, which is pronounced “Mary Jo.” Their gift supports our efforts to help Andean Condors rebound. You can read more about our work in Ecuador, where this species is Critically Endangered.

In an exciting turn of events, Marijo fledged the nest on the same day as her official naming, taking her first steps out of the nest cave where she had been staying with her mother, Lianni.

Marijo’s hatching is an important step for the declining South American species. You may see her splashing in her pool or hopping alongside the cliffside in her habitat alongside her mom and fellow juvenile friend, Illimani! Fun fact: Marijo and Illimani were the only two Andean Condors to hatch in North American zoos in 2022. Illimani hatched at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and came to the Aviary in 2023 as a companion for Marijo; socialization amongst juvenile condors is important for their development!

There are many ways you can support these beautiful condors, and the National Aviary’s work to save birds and protect their habitats:

Visit the National Aviary

Headshot of a female Andean Condor

Venture out to Condor Court and see these impressive birds! The chick is currently nestled in her nest cave as she continues to grow; stay tuned for updates on when you’ll get the chance to see the new chick. Become a National Aviary Traditional Member and visit for FREE for a year to watch as she grows!

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Condor Court Paver

Purchase a Condor Court Paver for all to see in Condor Court – new walkway is coming soon! Celebrate an important birthday, anniversary, or loved one with a personalized message. Add on a symbol, like a heart, graduation cap, wedding bells, and more.

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andean condor lianni

Symbolically Adopt-A-Bird

Commemorate this special occasion by symbolically adopting the new chick! When you do, you’ll receive a personalized letter, an adoption certificate, a photograph, and a tote bag with the chick’s picture on it! Digital and print options available.

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Help support this chick’s care as well as our Andean Condor conservation efforts:


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