Female Steller’s Sea Eagle

We want YOU to help pick her name!

The National Aviary would like to thank everyone who submitted name suggestions for our new female Steller’s Sea Eagle.

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Current Rankings:

Learn more about each name:

  • Aurora (homage to Aurora Borealis, or The Northern Lights, which can be seen in several locations including Estonia, where she lived prior to the Aviary)
  • Juneau (pronounced Juno, the capital of Alaska, a state where this species has been seen in the wild)
  • Sitka (short for Sitkalidak Island near Kodiak, Alaska – the inspiration for Kody’s name; also Alaska’s fifth largest city)
  • Stella (an homage to the species name itself, the name Stella draws inspiration from “Steller’s Sea Eagle”)

It’s time for YOU to select your favorite name! Until the end of September, anyone can vote using the link above.

To vote, donate $5 (credit/debit cards only) and select your preferred name. Each $5 donation is worth FIVE votes!  All proceeds from the naming contest will support the high-quality care of our new female Steller’s and the 500+ birds and animals at the National Aviary. The winning name will be announced at the end of September!

The female Steller’s Sea Eagle is the potential new mate of Kodiak, or Kody, the Steller’s Sea Eagle™®. He has called the National Aviary home for more than 15 years. This charismatic bird made headlines back in 2021 when he accidentally got out of his habitat.

Our team immediately launched an exhaustive recovery effort. The community was so instrumental in helping bring Kody home, that we want the community to be involved with naming his potential new mate.

Official Naming Rules for Voting Period:

  1. You can vote as often as you want!
  2. Votes must be submitted via the link above to be considered. A QR code will be available outside of her habitat so guests may vote during their visit.
  3. The winner(s) will be contacted via email; so please provide a valid email address you check regularly
  4. The Steller’s Sea Eagle’s name will be announced by the end of September, alongside the name of the person(s) who submitted the that suggestion.*
  5. By voting, you agree to receive emails from the National Aviary.
  6. Must be 18 years of age or older to vote.

If your suggested name is eventually chosen as THE name for the National Aviary’s female Steller’s Sea Eagle, you could win an encounter with an owl or falcon! In the event that the winning name was submitted by multiple people, a random drawing will be held to determine the winner of the Bird of Prey Animal Encounter. Spelling will not be taken into account (i.e. Kody vs Cody).

*Please note: this also includes mentioning in your name in social posts.

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