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We connect your students to concepts in science, technology, engineering, environmental literacy, and sustainability (STEELS), as well as math, geography, wildlife conservation, and more! Our team is ready to engage your students in the discovery of the natural world with the importance of protecting wildlife in mind. Reserve your program and date using our easy 4-step method!

Two American Flamingos standing in water
A female Andean Condor
A Linnaeus's Two-toed Sloth hanging upside down on a branch

Step 1: Choose Your Package

Visit the National Aviary

  • Education Program

    Our Aviary educators guide your students through an interactive standards-based classroom or assembly program focusing on the topic of your choice*.  These
    programs are private for your group and feature age-appropriate activities, discussion, and explorations as well as a visit from a live Animal Ambassador.

    *See Part 2: Choose Your Program for program topics and descriptions. 

  • A Teacher’s Guide to the Aviary

    This age-appropriate resource kit provides everything you need to lead a self-guided program through the Aviary and is perfect for large groups. Your students will investigate science concepts as they discover the wonderful world of birds and meet Aviary experts along the way. This kit includes pre and post-visit
    activities and an onsite educational guide to use as you travel throughout immersive habitats at your own pace.

    Currently available for Elementary and Middle School grades. Contact us
    at for more information.

Have the National Aviary Come to You

  • Classroom and Assembly Outreach Programs

    Let our educators bring all of the fun and learning of a National Aviary program to you. Our friendly and professional educators engage your students during curriculum-aligned programs featuring
    interactive activities, and a visit from a National Aviary Animal Ambassador!

…Or meet an Aviary Expert Virtually!

  • CyBIRD Virtual Distance Learning

    This program offers exciting and fun lessons on a variety of topics and is perfect for those groups not able to visit in person. Enjoy the same rich curriculum and a virtual visit from an Animal Ambassador as our expert team engages with you via an online platform!


PackageLocationPrice Per Person (PP)
Group Admission + Education Program + Theater ShowNational Aviary$16 pp September-February
$17 pp March-August
Group Admission + Education Program National Aviary$14 pp September-February
$15 pp March-August
Group Admission + Theather ShowNational Aviary$15 pp year-round
Group Admission + Teacher’s GuideNational Aviary$13 pp September-February
$14 pp March-August
Group Admission OnlyNational Aviary$13 pp year-round
Classroom Outreach*
up to 35 students
Your SchoolFirst program $300
Second program $240**
Classroom Outreach*
more than 35 students
Your SchoolFirst program $475
Second program $375**
CyBIRD Virtual ProgramVirtual Classroom$150
*Available at facilities within 30 miles of the National Aviary
**Discounted rate available for programs scheduled for two different groups of students within one hour of each other at the same location

African Penguin with wording to promote the National Aviary's Educational Programming for the 2023-2024 season.

Step 2: Choose Your Program

  • For Preschool & Kindergarten

    Nature’s Diner (30 minutes)

    Through puppets, props and a visit from an Animal Ambassador, National Aviary educators introduce children to different birds, their foods, and how each species eats.

    Nature’s Rainbow (30 minutes)

    Discover how important colors are to the animal world with the help of an Animal Ambassador and a mystery box of brightly colored bird feathers!

  • For Elementary School (Grades 1-5)

    Bird Classification (45 minutes)

    Using hands-on observation techniques and interactive activities, students will learn what characteristics make a bird, well, a bird! Students will also learn what makes different families of birds unique. Available for groups 35 and under.

    Amazing Adaptations (45 minutes)

    Birds are equipped with traits that help them survive
    in their natural habitats. Students discover what these unique characteristics are and explore amazing feet,
    feathers, and beaks!

    Habitats (45 minutes)

    From the frigid arctic to tropical rainforests, birds can be found in nearly every habitat on Earth! Learn what an animal needs to survive and how birds thrive in the most extreme ecosystems.

    Owls (45 minutes)

    Owls are some of the most recognizable birds on earth, yet they remain elusive to many because of their habits
    and behaviors. Learn about the diversity of this remarkable
    group across the globe and close to home and discover the amazing adaptations that make them successful hunters, day and night!

    Rainforest (45 minutes)

    Discover rainforest habitats through the eyes of the birds who
    live there. Students examine how rainforests, home to nearly half the world’s plant and animal species, support ecological balance and why they are so important to protect.

  • For Middle Schools (Grades 6-8)

    Backyard Scientist (45 minutes)

    Put your scientific observation skills to the test! Venture through National Aviary habitats and get a glimpse of how scientists study wild bird populations. Students will also learn how they can get involved in local community science projects, conservation efforts, and the positive effects they can have on their own backyard. Available only at the Aviary for groups of 35 or under.

    Amazing Adaptations: Middle School Format (45 minutes)

    Birds are equipped with traits that help them survive in their natural habitats. Students
    discover what these unique characteristics are and explore amazing feet, feathers,
    and beaks.

    Habitats: Middle School Format (45 minutes)

    From the frigid arctic to arid deserts birds can be found in nearly every habitat on Earth!
    Learn what an animal needs to survive in different habitats and how birds can thrive in
    even the most extreme environments.

    Birds and Conservation: Middle School Format (45 minutes)

    Explore the impacts humans and environmental factors have on the decline of various species, and discover how the conservation efforts of zoos, scientists, and everyday community members have led once-endangered species to make a comeback.

  • For High Schools (Grades 9-12)

    Zoo Careers (45 minutes)

    Do your students wonder what it’s like to be a zoo veterinarian? What about a zookeeper? What other career opportunities are there at zoos? In this program, we’ll explore some of the tools of the trade and learn all about zoo careers and what it takes to work in a zoo environment. 

    Science and Animal Behavior (45 minutes)

    How do scientists study birds? Students will implement the same methods and data collection techniques that ornithologist use. Your group will watch the birds and animals who live in the National Aviary’s immersive, free-flight habitats and complete ethograms on what they see. A combination of classroom activities and independent observation work encourages students to think that scientist. Available only at the Aviary for groups of 35 or under.

    Birds and Conservation: High School Format (45 minutes)

    Explore the impacts humans and environmental factors have on the decline of various species, and discover how the conservation efforts of zoos, scientists, and everyday community members have led once-endangered species to make a comeback.


Step 3: Enhance Your Visit

Experience the thrill of majestic birds, like a Bald Eagle and a Eurasian Eagle-Owl, demonstrating their incredible “superpowers,” or adaptations during Habitat Heroes Presented by AAA Travel (20 minutes)! This free-flight bird show will take you on an interactive adventure where birds strut up close and fly overhead! Learn extraordinary facts and discover how you can be a Habitat Hero. Available only at the Aviary.

Step 4: Reserve Your Date

Book Your Visit

The National Aviary Education Programs schedule fills up fast! To ensure the greatest availability, we recommend contacting us to register at least 6 weeks in advance of your program or visit. To allow time
to process your request, we require a minimum of 2 weeks’ advance notice to schedule your outreach program or your visit to the Aviary.

  • We have three convenient ways to begin your reservation process:
    • Use our online Inquiry Form
    • Email
    • Call our Education Sales Coordinator at 412-258-9439
      • Please be ready with the following information:
        • Organization Name
        • Program package and preferred topic; if applicable
        • Number of students and adults
        • Top three choices for the date of your onsite program or our visit to you
        • Arrival and departure time for field trips or program time for outreach at your facility
  • A member of our Education Programs team will contact you after receipt of your completed inquiry form to confirm the details of your reservation and answer any questions you may have.
  • A field trip agreement will be emailed for you to review and sign. Return the signed agreement to finalize your reservation.
  • Your final count of students and adults along with payment are due at least two weeks before the scheduled program or visit. Payment is non-refundable.
  • Group Visit Requirements

    For group visits and field trips to the National Aviary, the minimum group size is
    15 paying participants. The National Aviary requires 1 adult chaperone for every 5
    students for preschool and kindergarten groups, and 1 adult chaperone for every
    10 students for all other grades. These chaperones, plus the bus driver, receive
    complimentary admission. If your organization requires a higher chaperone to
    student ratio, please plan your visit in accordance with that policy. Chaperones
    must remain with their groups at all times during your National Aviary visit.

    To ensure a safe and fun visit for all National Aviary guests, all members of your party must follow National Aviary Guest Policies as outlined on our website.

  • Outreach Guidelines

    To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our animals and of your participants, please plan to provide the following for the Outreach team.

    • A legal parking space close to the entrance of your facility
    • A safe holding area for birds before and during the program,
      sufficiently sheltered from direct sunlight and weather
    • A presentation space with no moving ceiling fans, balloons, objects
      hanging from the ceiling, or other animals, a 6’-8’ table, and a secure stage area that prevents people from walking behind the birds & our educators
    • Chaperones in accordance with your organization’s policies, and at minimum of one adult for every 25 children
  • Payment

    To qualify for the discounted group rate, a final count and full payment must be received at least 2 weeks in advance of your program or visit date. Your organization will be charged for the number of people indicated on the agreement by this deadline. If payment is not received, your reservation is subject to cancellation or rescheduling. A member of our team will verify the number of people in your group upon arrival. Any members of your group in excess of the final count are welcome to purchase regular price individual tickets at our Visitor Services Desk. Refunds are not provided if actual attendance is lower than indicated in your final count. Thank you for your support of the National Aviary!

Questions? Call us at 412-258-9439, email, or fill out our Inquiry Form!

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ALLERGY NOTICE: The National Aviary is NOT an allergen-free facility, as many of our birds’ diets include nuts, seeds, and other potential human allergens.

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