Condor Court

Condor Court

Condor Court is an outdoor habitat that tells the story of the National Aviary’s work to save threatened Andean Condors and preserve their high mountain habitats.

With a wingspan of 10 feet, Andean Condors are one of the largest raptors in the world. Condor Court provides these massive birds with ample room to stretch their wings, rocky mountain ledges for perching almost 20 feet in the air and nesting cavities.

Our habitat is currently home to four Andean Condors: Bud, Lianni, her juvenile offspring Marijo, who hatched here in 2022 (learn her story here), and a friend for Marijo, Illimani (ee-yee-mah-nee). Named after the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real, Illimani was one of only two Andean Condors hatched in North American zoos in 2022; the other of course being Marijo! Until recently, Lianni’s mate, Lurch, also called Condor Court home. Sadly, Lurch passed away due to natural causes of old age.

In the educational Conservation Station, you can get up close to the condors and watch them from behind large glass viewing panels. From there, you can act like a field researcher and observe these impressive birds engaging in natural behaviors: you may see them spread their wings to sun themselves or fly from perch to perch. Thanks to the National Aviary’s long-term monitoring project and field research in Ecuador, the country’s government was able to identify which areas needed protection to aid in conservation efforts.

Conservation Station is also a great place to learn more about the National Aviary’s participation in the Species Survival Plan® for Andean Condors, advancements in avian care, and more! As you continue to walk through this beautiful outdoor space, find elegant Demoiselle Cranes, King Vultures, and Laughing Kookaburras.

Birds in Condor Court change seasonally and according to each species’ habitat needs. Sun-loving species enjoy summers in Condor Court, and winter-hardy birds accustomed to cold climates spend their winters there.

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