(Thraupis episcopus)


On the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the Blue-grey Tanager is called "Blue Jean."

This tanager is a small bird, roughly 6" long -- slightly larger than a sparrow. The head and under parts are blue-gray, the back and tail feathers are bright blue with darker shades on the back.  Although the Blue-grey tanager's colors are slightly subdued, tanagers as a group are beautiful tropical birds with stunning colors.  One species of tanager, the scarlet tanager, migrates to North America from the tropics and can be found nesting in Pennsylvania every year.


All but the southern most part of the Amazon basin.


Open woodlands, as well as gardens and other cultivated areas.


Primarily fruit, but also insects and occasionally nectar.


They lay two pale blue-gray eggs with brown speckles. Their nest is a deep cup shape that is concealed well by vegetation. It is often made of smooth materials and leaf strips and lined with spider webs and moss.


Not Under Threat (Least Concern)

At the Aviary

See the Blue-grey Tanagers in our Wetlands habitat.