Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise

(Paradisea raggiana)


The Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise is the national bird of Papua New Guinea and appears on the country's flag.


southeastern New Guinea


Lowland forests, including secondary growth forest, forest edges, and garden areas


Capsular fruits, figs, and some arthropods


Groups of males display communally in groups of up to ten birds known as leks, usually in the upper branches of tall forest canopy trees. Females visit the lek to observe and select a mate, and then they leave to build and attend their nest alone. The nest is an open bowl-shaped structure of leaves, leaf pieces, rootlets, vine stems, and other plant fibers, lined with hair and built in tree branches 6 to 30 feet above ground. The usual clutch is two eggs, and the time from egg laying to fledging is 5-6 weeks.


Not Under Threat (Least Concern)

At the Aviary

Our two male and one female Raggiana Birds-of-Paradise live in our Wetlands habitat