National Aviary Commemoratives

Celebrate important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and memorials by joining the new National Aviary Commemoratives program! These unique, one-of-a-kind, personalized gifts will bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones, while leaving a lasting impression on our work to save birds and protect habitats!

Bench Plaques

Enjoy the sights and sounds of beautiful habitats while sitting on a comfortable bench dedicated with your personalized message at the National Aviary! Benches are made from recycled plastic materials or metal and can be found throughout the National Aviary both indoors and outdoors.

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A bench surrounded by greenery

NEW! Condor Court Paver Campaign

Condor Court, home to Andean Condors, showcases the National Aviary’s work in helping to save these threatened birds and protect their habitats. The Condor Court Paver Campaign provides a lasting opportunity to support our mission and to leave a legacy at the National Aviary. With multiple sizing options, you can be one of the first to purchase a personalized engraved paver.

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Form a special bond with an animal in our care through our Name-A-Bird program! Choose a bird to name (with special meaning for you) from species like White-throated Bee-eaters and Mariana Fruit-Doves. Donors will enjoy a number of benefits for their role in the Name-A-Bird program, such as a VIP tour that includes a visit with the bird’s care staff.

White-throated Bee-eater perched on a branch

Penguin Plaques – SOLD OUT!

Already purchased a Penguin Plaque? Visit the National Aviary and see it proudly displayed at Penguin Point for all to see! Be sure to check out our other commemoratives before they’re gone! Thank you to all of our Penguin Plaque donors!

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To inquire about or to become part of our National Aviary Commemorative program, email or call 412-258-9433.

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