Thank You, "Abby"


The National Aviary is saddened to announce the death of “Abby,” a beloved Bald Eagle who had lived at the National Aviary since 1995.

Abby had been moved off exhibit to a warmer area during the cold winter months because of her advanced age, ongoing struggles with arthritis, and cataracts.

Soon afterwards, Abby developed geriatric-related heart and kidney conditions and was closely  monitored by our veterinary staff.  She ultimately passed away due to organ failure related to old age. Abby was comfortable and was visited by many of her keepers during her last days.

Prior to arriving at the National Aviary, Abby sustained a life-threatening wing injury in the wild and underwent a wing amputation to save her life, followed by rehabilitation at the Juneau Raptor Center in Alaska.  Unable to return to the wild due to her injury, Abby joined the flock at the National Aviary, where she served as an important ambassador for her species throughout her life.  She was estimated to have hatched in 1991, making her 23 years old. Bald Eagles typically live 15 to 20 years in the wild. Abby was the largest Bald Eagle ever housed at the National Aviary, weighing in at 10 pounds!