Summer Camp Fun


What happens when you introduce 183 young avian enthusiasts to more than 500 birds? One great summer camp of course!

Since the end of June the bright orange shirts of the 2014 summer campers have been spotted marching up and down the corridors, training the parrots, and exploring Allegheny Commons Park armed with binoculars. Although we may be half way through the summer, there is still time for your camper to join the fun! The National Aviary is registering children between the ages of 9-12 for next week’s camp.

The National Aviary also has summer programs perfect for teens interested in wildlife, art, or becoming a veterinarian. As trainer Cathy Schlott says, “Campers will get to play the most expensive game of hide and seek ever using our radios and hidden transmitters during the Intro to Falconry Camp. Not to mention they will also get to hold a falcon!” 

The Avian Art Quest is designed for any level or artists skill.  Campers will receive a sketch pad, pastels, and the opportunity to study, up-close the colorful birds.

For teens interested in a career working with animals, the Vet Experience provides campers with a tour of the avian hospital, meeting some of the patients, and getting hands on practice as a veterinarian.