National Aviary Unveils Names for Two Toco Toucans


National Aviary Unveils Names for Two Toco Toucans

Visitors voted in July to name the pair, names were announced at

Regional Asset District Bird-Day Celebration


July 25, 2019 (Pittsburgh, PA) – The National Aviary’s two new residents have names! The results of a public naming contest for two Toco Toucans were revealed today during the National Aviary’s “25th Bird-Day” celebration of Allegheny Regional Asset District’s (RAD) 25th anniversary. The brilliantly colored Toco Toucans, now officially called Mango and Tango, arrived in the TreeTops, sponsored by Peoples, in June.


“Our Toco Toucans are striking birds with big personalities, and in the short time they have been living in the TreeTops they have become stars at the National Aviary! We were blown away by the enthusiasm for the naming contest,” said Cheryl Tracy, Executive Director of the National Aviary. “We hope that engaging with Mango and Tango and learning more about these inquisitive, friendly birds will inspire National Aviary visitors to take action to protect their habitats. Continued support from RAD and Peoples gives us the ability to engage in conservation work and to educate our community about ways to help—small acts, like recycling and switching to sustainable bird-friendly products, can make a big difference.”


The Toco Toucan naming coincided with the National Aviary’s monthly celebration of the Allegheny Regional Asset District’s (RAD) 25th anniversary. Thursday’s event was a 25th “Bird-Day” celebration, complete with cake! On hand Thursday to blow out the candles was Jackie Dixon (RAD Board Member). On the 25th day of each month in 2019, the National Aviary will celebrate with promotions, giveaways, and contents to recognize the significant support RAD, and the Pittsburgh community, have provided to the National Aviary through the years.


“For 25 years, thanks to our county taxpayers, RAD has invested nearly two billion dollars in our regional assets, which includes nearly twenty-nine million dollars right here at the National Aviary,” said Jackie Dixon, member of the Board of Directors of the Allegheny Regional Asset District. “RAD is proud to support the many institutions and organizations that make Allegheny County such a vibrant region.”


The newly redesigned habitat, the TreeTops, presented by Peoples, makes it possible for visitors to easily spot Mango and Tango. With their large, colorful bills and eye-catching moves, they are hard to miss as they hop from branch to branch, rotating 180 degrees with each jump. Tango is a 2 year-old male, and Mango is a 1 year-old female, and while they are not yet old enough to breed, the pair are already displaying bonding behaviors. Visitors may catch a glimpse of Tango bringing treats to Mango, or see the two engaging in bill-tapping, when they repeatedly tap their beaks together and interlock them briefly. The largest of the approximately 40 species of toucans that inhabit parts of Central and South America, Toco Toucans are also thought to be the most widely recognized toucan species.


            Mango and Tango will continue to reside in the TreeTops, presented by Peoples. They share their home with another exciting pair: two Edwards’s Pheasants, a species believed to be extinct in the wild.


Funding for the TreeTops, presented by Peoples, has been generously provided by the Peterson Family Foundation.



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