National Aviary celebrates World Penguin Day Thursday, April 25, with penguin-themed activities.


 Penguin themed activities will both delight and educate guests to the National Aviary on Thursday, April 25, which is World Penguin Day. In addition, these special activities are part of a year-long monthly initiative to celebrate the Allegheny Regional Asset District’s (RAD) 25th year and the significant support that they, and the Pittsburgh community, have provided to the National Aviary.

 Penguin activities will begin at 10:25 and change each hour on the 25th minute. Activities will include up-close meet and greets with a penguin and aviculturist, the opportunity for guests to place a ball into the penguin habitat to create an enriching interaction for the penguins, a penguin story time, and dress-up learning opportunity for children. The full schedule can be found on the National Aviary’s website

 World Penguin Day provides an important opportunity for us to share with guests that these well-loved birds are actually in serious danger because of the rapid rate at which their wild populations are declining. The National Aviary participates in an important breeding program to help preserve this species, and just as important, we help save this species by letting our visitors and the public know how they can help, too. Behavior changes like purchasing sustainable seafood and reducing plastic use are steps in the right direction; we can all participate in small changes to make a big difference.

 African Penguins are an endangered species according to the IUCN red list, with less than 25,000 pairs remaining in the wild. Threats include climate change, habitat loss, overfishing, and pollution. As part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' (AZA) Species Survival Plan® (SSP), the National Aviary’s penguins are part of an important breeding program to ensure a healthy population of African Penguins for future generations.

 This is the third activity of a year-long celebration at the National Aviary, and visitors can expect something new on the 25th of May. Each month’s activity will be announced via the 25 RADical Years webpage on the National Aviary web site, via social media using the hashtag #RAD25 and in the National Aviary’s e-newsletter called Airmail. Announcements will be made on the 26th day of each month for the following month’s activity, so watch for May’s announcement on April 26!


The schedule is:

10:25 am              Penguins Preschool: Dress Up Like a Penguin & learn about penguin adaptations

11:25 am              Penguin Enrichment: Ice Block Activity with Fish

12:25 pm              Meet a Penguin

1:25 pm                Penguin Story Time

2:25 pm                Penguin Enrichment: Ball Pit Activity in Habitat

3:25 pm                Meet a Penguin