Vote to Name Two Toucans at the National Aviary


Visitors to the National Aviary July 10 through July 24 can vote on names for the newest residents and enter to win a toucan feeding for two!


July 9, 2019 (Pittsburgh, PA) – Guests visiting the National Aviary between July 10 and July 24 can help name the two newest members of the flock, a pair of Toco Toucans! Every visitor will receive a ticket to vote for one of three names that were selected from those suggested by the public via a social media poll last week, and each voter will be eligible to win an Aracari Toucan feeding experience for two! The brilliantly colored pair of Toco Toucans—a male, age 2, and a female, age 1—arrived at the National Aviary early this summer, where they reside in the newly redesigned habitat the TreeTops, presented by Peoples.


After the votes are tallied, names for the new pair and the winner of the toucan feeding experience will be announced on July 25 to coincide with the National Aviary’s celebration of the Allegheny Regional Asset District’s (RAD) 25th anniversary. On July 25, book any of the National Aviary’s birthday party packages for a future date and receive a 25% discount. Visitors to the National Aviary on July 25 will also have the opportunity to meet and learn about members of the flock that are 25 years old in 2019 and celebrate this milestone with a sweet treat! This special offer is part of a year of monthly promotions in 2019 celebrating the Allegheny Regional Asset District’s (RAD) 25th year and the significant support they, and the Pittsburgh community, have provided to the National Aviary.


 “Our Toco Toucans were introduced to their new home at the National Aviary only about a month ago, and they’ve quickly become a highlight for visitors in their newly redesigned habitat,” says National Aviary Executive Director Cheryl Tracy. “With all the attention this dynamic duo gets, it only makes sense to include National Aviary visitors in the naming process! We hope that interacting with these personable birds will encourage our guests to make small changes—like purchasing sustainable products and recycling—to protect the habitats of Toco Toucans and other species.”


Each visitor to the National Aviary will receive a ticket valid for one vote, which can be cast at ballot boxes located at the Treetops, presented by Peoples. Visitors will vote for one of three name combinations, suggested by the public during an open survey:

1.     Sol and Lua (Portuegese for “Sun” and “Moon”)

2.     Mango and Tango (for these bright and colorful birds who also like to eat fruit!)

3.     Frank and Eva (after “Old Blue Eyes” and his wife)


The TreeTops, presented by Peoples, offers visitors up-close views of the Toco Toucans and excellent opportunities to observe their natural behaviors. The largest of the approximately 40 species of toucans that inhabit parts of Central and South America, Toco Toucans are also thought to be the most widely recognized of the approximately 40 toucan species. Visitors will enjoy seeing their distinctive coloration and large beaks as these curious birds explore the TreeTops, presented by Peoples. The birds hop along branches, rotating their bodies 180 degrees, side-to-side, as they hop. Toco Toucans reach breeding age around 3 or 4 years, and the duo at the National Aviary are already displaying pair-bonding behaviors—the male may bring food to the female, or they may engage in a behavior called bill tapping, where the pair repeatedly tap their beaks against one another, and may even interlock briefly.


Also found in the TreeTops is a pair of Edwards’s Pheasants, a species believed to be extinct in the wild. This species is also new to the National Aviary and has already produced their first chick! Native to Vietnam, this species was last observed in the wild in 2000. Thanks to the intervention of zoos and conservation organizations, populations living in human care are stable. The National Aviary participates in the Species Survival Plan® (SSP) for this species, an international collaborative breeding program of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums designed to maintain a stable and genetically diverse population of birds for future generations.


Funding for the TreeTops, presented by Peoples, has been generously provided by the Peterson Family Foundation.


About the National Aviary

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