Blue-bellied Roller

(Coracias cyanogaster)


Rollers are named for their acrobatic flight while snatching flying insects out of the air.

Blue-bellied rollers are a colorful species native to central Africa.  Both males and females look identical, and have brilliant royal blue abdomen, dark and light blue feathers on their wings, and a tan head. They are powerful flyers and have a loud, croaking call.  During the breeding season, pairs of blue-bellied rollers engage in elaborate courtship flights, which include nosedives and the rolling action for which they were named. 


Senegal to northeastern Zaire


Mature moist savanna.


Grasshoppers and other large, flying insects.


Rollers are cavity nesters and they usually choose sites that are located high above the ground. The incubation period is 23-24 days.


Not Under Threat (Least Concern)

At the Aviary

Tropical Forest, Wetlands of the Americas