Black-faced Tanager

(Schistochlamys melanopis)


Male and female black-faced tanagers appear identical -- the easiest way to identify them is to perform a DNA test.

Black-faced tanagers are small songbirds native to South America.  They prefer to live in grassland habitats with low trees and brush, so human disturbances to forested habitats may actually benefit this species.  There is some indication that the range of the black-faced tanager is actually increasing.  They live in pairs or small family groups, occasionally forming larger flocks. 


Northern South America


Tropical / Sub-tropical lowland forests, dry savannas and scrubland.


Fruits, berries, seeds, some insects.


Black-faced tanagers build an open cup nest and lay 2 eggs per clutch. Both parents care for the young.


Not Under Threat (Least Concern)

At the Aviary

Look for this bird in the Wetlands of the Americas exhibit.