Tropical Rainforest

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Visit daily from 10 am – 5 pm to see the revitalized habitat.

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Video courtesy of Vitro Architectural Glass, sponsor of National Aviary Tropical Rainforest.

As you enter the immersive habitat, notice the natural light permeating through the new glass ceiling, listen to the flowing water as it cascades through the 15-foot tiered waterfall while birds bathe and play in its pools, and see more than 400 new tropical plants including coffee and cacao, as beautiful birds fly freely around you.

The new habitat features 3,146 new panes of laminated bird-friendly glass from Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass). The new glass was designed to prevent collision by birds both inside and outside the habitat and maximize ultraviolet (UV) transmittance to help sustain wildlife and plant life throughout the year.

The stunning waterfall spills into tiered ponds and includes spaces for birds to bathe and play, and custom designed perching allows our birds to climb close to you as you pass through. Every detail was designed to mimic a natural rainforest habitat and encourage nesting and other natural behaviors.

See your favorites from before the renovation including Bubba the Palm Cockatoo, a critically endangered parrot species, Gus and Mrs. Gus the Great Argus Pheasants, a flock of Victoria Crowned Pigeons, Southern Bald Ibis, Guam Rails, and Laughing Thrushes, just to name a few.

Make sure to say hello to Benito and Sapphira, Hyacinth Macaws, at the beautiful, cascading waterfall.

As you explore, see if you can spot Wookiee, our Linnaeus’s Two-toed Sloth as he climbs, sleeps and hangs out in the habitat!

Learn more about rainforest species and the challenges they face in the wild and find out what you can do to help protect rainforest habitats, like buying bird-friendly coffee and chocolate! Follow #EcoFriendlyFriday for even more tips!


Can't get enough of the rainforest?
Meet even more rainforest creatures when you see the interactive live bird presentation, Amazing Amazon presented by AAA Travel. A Toco Toucan and colorful macaws fly over the audience. An adorable armadillo sniffs out treats, and Valentino the sloth makes his way slowly across a vine as you learn about rainforests and what you can do to help protect them.


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