CyBIRD Virtual Education

CyBIRD Virtual Education

CyBIRD Virtual Education is an online learning platform to help families and classrooms around the world learn from the National Aviary’s experts and experience birds in a whole new way: through your screen! CyBIRD Virtual Education programs offer opportunities for distance learning for all ages, with multiple options for teachers, parents, and caregivers.

CyBIRD Distance Learning Programs

These 40-minute Distance Learning classes, adapted from our most popular programs, offer schools, scout groups, and families around the country the opportunity to get close to nature—virtually—by seeing exclusive video of National Aviary animals and habitats as you interact with a National Aviary educator. Offerings for classes include:

Amazing Adaptations

Birds are special and specialized.  Students discover the unique characteristics, and “meet” species with the most amazing feet, feathers and beaks!

Birds and Conservation

Explore the impacts humans and environmental factors have on the decline of various species, and discover how the conservation efforts of zoos, scientists, and every day community members have led once-endangered species to make a comeback.


From the frigid arctic to tropical rainforests, birds can be found in nearly every habitat on Earth! Learn what an animal needs to survive and how birds thrive in the most extreme ecosystems.

Penguins are Cool

Students discover all 18 species of penguin through a PowerPoint journey across the globe, and learn how these unique, flightless birds survive in their habitats.


Discover rainforests through the eyes of its birds. Home to nearly half of the world’s plant and animal species, students examine how rainforests support ecological balance as well as global economies, and why it is important for us to conserve this valuable natural resource.

More classes are available and coming soon!

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Aviary After School

Parents: this unique, semester-long virtual learning program allows young nature lovers to learn about the wonderful world of birds while making supervised personal connections with other kids online! This includes:

  • Hands-on STEAM activities kids of varying ages can enjoy
  • User-friendly virtual learning
  • Topics ranging from bird facts to conservation opportunities
  • Great supplement to a kid’s school day

Register for this 11-week program as a series today.

To register for Aviary After School or to learn more, contact us at

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Teen Conservation Leadership Program

Today’s teenagers are poised to become the future of global conservation. Through this unique co-op program series, environmentally aware teens ages 13-18 can explore the world of conservation with National Aviary experts and their peers. Through the Teen Conservation Leadership program, teens will:

  • Have open discussions about global conservation issues
  • Share their unique perspectives through the design and presentation of an advocacy plan proposal
  • Think creatively and seek mentorship from National Aviary staff
  • Collaborate with other like-minded teens

Register for this 4-part program series today.

To register for the Teen Conservation Leadership program or to learn more, contact us at

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Reading with Red

Did you complete your Reading with Red 50 Book Log? Reserve your space on August 13th or August 15th for a Red the Scarlet Macaw Meet and Greet; pre registration is required. To register or redeem your free child admission, contacting

Watch Past Reading with Red Stories Here

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