The National Aviary is still caring for our flock during this temporary closure.

You can support the National Aviary and the animals in our care during these uncertain times.

Donate to our Emergency Care Efforts today.

The National Aviary is still caring for our flock during this temporary closure.

You can support the National Aviary and the animals in our care during these uncertain times.

Donate to our Emergency Care Efforts today.

CyBIRD Learning

Caring for birds and mammals is still our top priority during these uncertain times. Please consider helping today. Through your donation or membership, we can continue providing for animals at the National Aviary, as well as sustain our educational programming. Join us: we're all in this together:


CyBIRD Learning

At the National Aviary, we recognize the importance of making educational opportunities accessible and affordable. We remain committed to building on our reputation of providing incredible educational opportunities that meet your family or classroom’s needs. 

In addition to providing enriching at-home activities for families through our Education Corner, we're now introducing you to CyBIRD Learning!

Photo Credit: PA Cyber Schools

CyBIRD Learning is an online learning platform to help families and classrooms around the world learn more from the National Aviary’s experts and experience birds in a whole new way: through your screen! CyBIRD Learning offers opportunities for distance learning for all ages, with multiple options for teachers, parents, and caregivers to choose from. Explore these exciting new offerings below!

Aviary After-School, a Virtual Learning Program Series

Priced affordably so families across the nation can register, this live virtual program series allows people to get closer by tuning in from home Thursdays at 3:00 PM to learn about different birds, habitats, and conservation projects from a National Aviary expert. Geared to help with homeschooling efforts, our program topics will change to match our weekly education theme and the free educational content available in Education Corner.

All About Sloths

What animal is brown but can turn green, spends their whole life upside down, and moves at the astonishing speed of six miles per hour? It’s a sloth! Come “hang” with us as we learn all about these amazing animals and their unique adaptations.

I Want to Work in a Zoo!

Do you wonder what it’s like to be a zoo veterinarian? What about a zookeeper? In this program we’ll learn all about zoo careers and what it takes to work in a zoo.

Information & Pricing:

  • June 11, 2020 | 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM | All About Sloths
  • June 25, 2020 | 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM | I Want to Work in a Zoo!

Register for Aviary After School Here.

Once registered at the link above, a Zoom link will be sent to the email provided at check out 24 hours prior to the program start time. Questions? Contact us at

We know that not everyone has access to a computer or the Internet. That's why we choose Zoom, a video conferencing platform which offers a dial-in option, so students and families can call in and listen to the program with their phones. Each of our CyBIRD Learning programs will include narration describing the videos and images- and images shown on screen- so you can still get a high-quality program through your phone! 

CyBIRD Distance Learning Program

These 40 minute CyBIRD Learning classes, adapted from our most popular programs, will offer schools, scout groups, and families around the country the opportunity to get even closer to and by seeing exclusive video of National Aviary animals and habitats as you interact with a National Aviary educator. 

Watch a CyBIRD Distance Learning Program Clip

Amazing Adaptations

Birds are special and specialized.  Students discover the unique characteristics, and "meet" species with the most amazing feet, feathers and beaks! 

Birds and Conservation

Explore the impacts humans and environmental factors have on the decline of various species, and discover how the conservation efforts of zoos, scientists, and every day community members have led once-endangered species to make a comeback.  


From the frigid arctic to tropical rainforests, birds can be found in nearly every habitat on Earth! Learn what an animal needs to survive and how birds thrive in the most extreme ecosystems.

Penguins are Cool

Students discover all 18 species of penguin through a PowerPoint journey across the globe, and learn how these unique, flightless birds survive in their habitats. 


Discover rainforests through the eyes of its birds. Home to nearly half of the world’s plant and animal species, students examine how rainforests support ecological balance as well as global economies, and why it is important for us to conserve this valuable natural resource. 

Contact us at to register for CyBIRD Distance Learning Programs!

Reading with Red

Thursdays at 1:00 pm on social media and at the Education Corner on, tune in for story time fun with Red, the Scarlet Macaw, and other National Aviary Animal Ambassadors with this at-home reading program! 

For more information and to download your Book Log, click here.

Education Corner

Click here to visit the National Aviary's Education Corner, a free online resource for at-home activities, experiments, trivia, and more! Tune in weekdays at 1pm for new content! 

Registration now open! Springing forward to the next season, if you're looking for educational opportunities for your kids this summer, why not look into the National Aviary's NEW virtual summer camps. Kids ages 6-18 can register.

Learn More and Register for VIRTUAL Summer Camps Here!