How can I attract more birds?

How can I attract birds to my backyard?

In early spring, birds begin utilizing naturally occurring food supplies such as budding trees and blooming flowers. They will rely less on your backyard bird feeders. To help them prepare for this process, reduce the seed in your bird feeder in early spring. The amount can be tapered off until birds are able to find naturally seeding fruits and trees.

Birds and people have the same basic needs: food, water, and shelter. You will attract the greatest number and diversity of birds to your yard if you supply all three. Plant trees, shrubs and flowers that are of nutritional value, such as crabapple, grape, elderberry, dogwood, vibernum, persimmon, and serviceberry. In addition to providing food, these plants will be important in offering shelter and creating a sense of security from predators. Water is another vital, and often overlooked, aspect of backyard bird appeal. Clean water can be supplied from a sprinkler, shallow bird bath, or a small pond.

Another consideration involved in landscaping your yard for birds is the use of pesticides. The use of pesticides will decrease insect populations, which are an essential part of avian diets. Also, once in the food chain, pesticides can lead to the deaths of birds and other wildlife.