Avian Hospital

Unique and Fragile Creatures

Birds are beautiful, amazing creatures, displaying incredible diversity in size, behavior, diet and  physical attributes. From scavengers like the massive Andean condor, to ocean-dwelling penguins, magnificent birds of prey, and the tiniest of finches, each of the National Aviary's 150 species requires specialized care if they become sick or injured.

Specialized Care for Each Bird

Dr. Pilar Fish, Director of Veterinary Medicine, and her outstanding team provide the National Aviary's birds with dedicated prenatal, natal and preventative care, as well as cutting-edge surgical and emergency treatment in the event of injury or illness.  For geriatric and special needs birds, the National Aviary provides a life-long home where they can live out their days in comfort, while playing an important role in training the next generation of veterinarians. The mission of our skilled team is always to provide the very best and most thorough treatment and therapies to every bird, young or old.

Your Help Matters!

Birds have a complex respiratory system that is prone to infection; lightweight, delicate bones that fracture easily; and bodies too small for typical veterinary drug doses or surgical equipment. Because of their unique physiology, caring for the National Aviary's flock is a costly and time-intensive endeavor. Help us provide the highest level of medical care to the National Aviary's birds by making a donation to our Veterinary Hospital, by sponsoring through our Adopt-A-Bird program, or by becoming a member. Our birds thank you!

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