Donation Policy

The National Aviary's staff and birds are committed to supporting the Pittsburgh region's charitable community, not just on one day or at one event, but all year long. We attend numerous fundraising and community events; conduct outreach programs at neighborhood and recreational centers for youth and seniors, libraries, nursing homes and facilities for special needs groups; attend events hosted by state and government officials for their constituents in various counties; and donate free admission passes to thousands of individuals each year.

Through our free programs and admissions, many individuals of limited means, outlook, or challenging personal circumstances have a chance to experience some of nature's most beautiful creatures. While we would like to support every organizations cause, the volume of request we receive far exceeds our ability to do so.


Whom We Support

When choosing whom to support, we try and reflect the diverse needs within our community; school groups from economically disadvantaged school districts; clients of health, human services and economic development agencies; veterans and senior care organizations; individuals with a vast array of disabilities and medical conditions; ministries; disaster relief. We prefer to donate directly to other registered (i.e. 501 (s) 3) charities, and not to third parties who may be hosting fundraisers on behalf of specific causes. We cannot promise that organizations which have received donations in the past will receive them in the future; nor will we fulfill mulitple requests from the same group within a given year.

In closing, thank you for wanting the National Aviary to be a part of your charitable event.