Condor Court

The National Aviary’s outdoor habitat provides an expansive outdoor home for three Andean Condors

With a wingspan of 10 feet, Andean Condors are one of the largest raptors in the world.
They inhabit high mountain regions from Venezuela to Patagonia. The Andean Condor habitat at the National Aviary is designed to provide these massive birds with plenty of room to stretch their wings, rocky ledges to perch almost 20 feet in the air, and nesting cavities -- all designed to mimic the birds’ natural habitat in Ecuador.


You can get up close to these impressive birds! 
Large glass viewing panels enable visitors to see these massive birds up close. The exhibit also includes an educational conservation station, where visitors can learn more about Andean Condors and the National Aviary’s ongoing efforts to protect the species.


Meet the Andean Condors





Lurch is a male condor and paired
with Lianni. He is about 46 years old and came to the National Aviary from the San Antonio Zoo in 2013





Lianni is a female condor and paired with Lurch. She is about 33 years old and came to the National Aviary from Oklahoma City Zoo in 1985. Since her arrival almost 30 years ago, Lianni has hatched 3 chicks at the National Aviary.





Precious is a female Andean Condor. She is approximately 48 years old and came to the National Aviary from the Dallas Zoo in 2013. 


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