Travelling Programs

Can’t make the flight down to the National Aviary? Then let us bring the beauty of nature to you!

Classroom Programs and Large Group Assemblies

From penguins to parrots, there is always a feathery friend available to brighten your classroom and inspire your students. The National Aviary has interactive programs available as classroom or assembly programs at your school, library, community center, or event. For a list of the interactive live bird programs we can bring to your school or other location, please click here.

Classroom Program (small group, up to 40 children)
$250 0-30 miles
$300 31-60 miles
$350 61-90 miles
Additional Classroom Program, Same Day $200

Owl Pellet Add-on $5/person

Educational Assembly (non-classroom, large group)
$425 0-30 miles
$450 31-60 miles
$500 61-90 miles
Additional Assembly, Same Day $375


Special Events and Community Programs

Do you have a special event, community program, or other educational opportunity that would benefit from a visit from a few feathered friends? Contact the National Aviary for event requirements and further information at 412-258-9439 or by emailing

Pricing based on your facility and location. Call us to set up a consultation.

Aviary After School

Enrich your after-school experience with programs complete with live birds, engaging activities and fun games and crafts. These packages include three sessions (1 hour each) that can accommodate up to 25 students with 2 adult chaperones. Your programs can be scheduled on the same day, over consecutive days, weekly or monthly. Choose from a variety of our established programs, or customize your package!

$625 0-30 miles
$750 31-60 miles
$875 61-90 miles
Aviary After School 4th or 5th Session Added $200 each

Schedule Your Visit Today! Here’s How:

  1. Have 3 dates in mind in case your preferred date is unavailable
  2. Use our online form to begin your reservation process ( Or contact the National Aviary’s Education Groups Coordinator at 412-258-9439. You may also download and print the form by clicking here. Registration is required at least 3 weeks in advance.
  3. Upon selection of your date, you will be emailed an education group contract.
  4. Your reservation is final only after the National Aviary’s receipt of your signed contract and your non-refundable deposit.