Say Hello to Flamingo Chicks!

Baby flamingos hatched at the National Aviary!

Plan your visit to the National Aviary to see the new members of our flock, and watch them grow into everybody’s favorite pink feathered friends!


Get to know our flamingo chicks:
  • Our flamingo eggs were laid from May 26 to June 9, and hatched from June 25 - July 9!
  • Flamingo chicks have light grey and white feathers when they first hatch. They will change pigment when they are about a year old.
  • Flamingos’ pink color comes from the algae, diatoms, small fish and crustaceans the birds eat. They also eat aquatic insects and larvae. All of these foods have very high concentrations of carotenoid pigments, and it is these which give flamingos their bright pink coloration.
  • There are 6 species of flamingos in the world. The National Aviary’s flamingos are American Flamingos.
  • There is no way of telling if flamingo chicks are male or female just by looking at them. In order to determine gender, we will send feathers to a lab to have them DNA tested.
  • Flamingos grow to full size in about 18 months! Visit often to see them grow and change.


Watch one of our new chicks hatch!


Get Nose to Beak with an adorable chick:

  • Book a Flamingo Chick Encounter – daily at 2:00 pm| $40 per person | ends September 30
    As our flamingo chicks grow, interactions with humans will help to support their development! Book an interactive Flamingo Chick Encounter today. You’ll get up close to a flamingo chick, take pictures, touch the flamingo chick, and learn all about flamingos! Encounters help the birds acclimate to people, as well as provide enrichment and exercise. 
    To ensure the best experience for guests and our flamingo chicks, encounters are only available for children age 5 and up. 
  • Book a Flamingo Trek – daily at 11:30 am | $75 per person | ends September 30
    Trek through the vegetation to the open beach of the National Aviary’s Wetlands where our frolicking flock will greet you! Discover more about these beautiful birds, including what they eat and how they forage, before helping to feed them yourself.
  • Book the Everything Flamingos package - $100 per person (a cost savings of $15) | ends September 30
    Can’t get enough flamingos? Enjoy both a flamingo chick encounter and the flamingo trek!


Call 412-258-9445 to reserve your flamingo experience!

See Flamingos up close when you visit the National Aviary:

  • Visit the Wetlands - all day | included with admission
    Stop by the Wetlands to see our flock of adult flamingos along with other Wetlands birds in this immersive habitat. Watch as we feed the Wetlands birds daily at 1:30 pm, and even have the opportunity to hand feed a bird yourself!