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New hatchings and life-saving care

Join us for “Mocha’s Match Challenge.” Through an anonymous donor’s generosity, the first $10,000 given in support of our Fall Campaign through Thanksgiving will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

All animals at the National Aviary deserve quality care that goes above and beyond to meet their needs. We need your help to continue our high-level care through these challenging times. From providing quality food and medical care, to maintaining immersive habitats…your support helps us to continue this important work!

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Your support of our 2021 Fall Campaign also helps the National Aviary continue to provide the highest-quality animal care and wellness, bolster key Species Survival Plan® programs, and fuel important education and conservation work. 

Help us care for all of the birds at the National Aviary – each receiving individualized care every day, which enables our birds to thrive and enjoy natural behaviors throughout their active and healthy lives. Birds like Mocha, a Marbled Teal Duck, and hatchlings like the Wetland’s newest resident, the Sunbittern chick.

The Wetlands offered the perfect place for a Sunbittern pair to court, cooperatively build a nest along the water’s edge, and eventually hatch this chick! We are with them every step of the way to ensure their every need is met.

This special hatching is just one example of how individualized care enables our birds to thrive and enjoy natural behaviors throughout their active and healthy lives.

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Stay tuned for more hatching and life-saving individualized care stories!

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