Student Researchers

Student Researchers 

The National Aviary recognizes the importance of education and the need for advance training of the next generation of conservation leaders. The following graduate students have been mentored by conservation ornithologists at the National Aviary through formal membership on their graduate committee, and through on-going collaborative research:

 Brandon Hoenig, Duquesne University, PhD, “Molecular determination of nestling diet and

Mack Frantz, West Virginia University, PhD, “Demographic, spatial, and epigenetic response of the Louisiana Waterthrush (Parkesia motacilla) to shale gas development.

Brian K. Trevelline, Duquesne University, PhD, 2017. “Niche partitioning and trophic dynamics of songbird communities in impacted and unimpacted riparian ecosystems.”

Andrea Thomen, Syracuse University, MS, 2014. Evaluating avian assemblages in Dominican cacao farms: Implications for management and conservation.

Boris Tinoco, Stony Brook University, Ph.D., 2014. “Understanding the influence of habitat alteration on hummingbird species using a multi-level analysis approach

Brian K. Trevelline, Duquesne University, MS, 2013. “Evaluation of DNA barcoding as a technique for elucidating the diet of Louisiana Waterthrush (Parkesia motacilla) nestlings.

Jesse Knowlton, Stony Brook University, Ph.D., 2010. “Mixed-species flock ecology and conservation in the highly threatened Tumbesian Region of Ecuador.”