Young Birders



These outdoor classes are designed with new and young birders (ages 9-16) in mind.  Parents may drop  participating kids off at the designated local park where they will meet up with National Aviary ornithologist, Bob Mulvihill, and Education Trainer, Mike Faix. 

Bob and Mike will teach all the kids how to properly adjust and use their binoculars, how to spot birds, what to look for in order to identify birds, how to keep their own bird list, and how to submit their bird observations to an online database called eBird. Importantly, every young birder will be engaged, regardless of their past experience with birding! 

Bob and Mike will will lead the group on a two-hour long bird hike through the park, spotting birds by eye and by ear, and continually discussing what the group sees and hears. They will give your young birders one-on-one guidance and instruction, but also will give them a chance to enjoy their own independent birding experience, and to interact and make friends with the other young birders. Parents should plan to return to pick up their children at 11:00am at the original drop-off site.  

Participating young birders will receive handouts to give to their parents that explain what they learned, and also provide links and other information about local bird groups and upcoming bird outings, both with the National Aviary and with other local outdoor organization. 

In short, these field classes will provide your young birder with instruction from two very experienced birders who started pursuing their lifelong interest in birds when they were as young as those attending this class!