Hawk Mountain Weekend Tour

October 5-7, 2018


Don’t miss an adventure through nature at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary!

Located in the scenic Kittatinny Ridge in eastern Pennsylvania about four and a half hours east of Pittsburgh, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is a world-famous birding and conservation location! Join tour leader Bob Mulvihill, Ornithologist for the National Aviary, during the peak of fall migration to see many species of hawks in the scenic mountains. The timing of this tour ensures spectacular fall scenery, and a high probability of seeing Red-tailed Hawks, Ospreys, Northern Harriers, Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s Hawks, and three falcon species: American Kestrel, Merlin, and Peregrine Falcon!  This weekend tour coincides with Global Big Day #2, an international effort to observe and document birds. You and Bob will report everything you see on Saturday to the global eBird database. 

Trip Itinerary & Details

Friday: The tour will depart from the National Aviary on the evening of Friday, October 5, and stay overnight in Hamburg, PA near Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. 

Saturday: After breakfast at the hotel, the group will travel to Hawk Mountain. Bob will lead the group through the mile-long trail to the world-famous North Lookout. The hike is rocky and steep in places, so Bob will set a leisurely pace and stop to look for migrating songbirds along the way. Spend the day counting migrating raptors (and watching other migrating birds and butterflies, too!), with continual help from Bob and from the Sanctuary’s experienced team. Enjoy a picnic lunch provided by the Roadhouse Grille, a local favorite eatery, while continuing to watch migrating hawks flying overhead. The group could see up to fourteen different species of migrating raptors! In fact, last year on this same weekend, Hawk Mountain counters tallied more than 300 birds of eleven species!  After hawk-watching all day Saturday, participants will have time to explore the exhibits and gift shop at Hawk Mountain’s Visitors Center, and also attend “A Wing and a Care: Building a Future for Birds,” a presentation of Hawk Mountain’s Autumn Lecture Series. Dinner Saturday evening will be at C.J. Hummels restaurant, another local favorite in nearby Lenhartsville.

Sunday: The return trip on Sunday will include a shorter visit to another of Pennsylvania’s premiere hawk watches, Waggoner’s Gap, located just west of Harrisburg. A bagged lunch will be provided for the journey home.



Additional Details and Booking Information

Members: $525 (double occupancy)/$600 (single occupancy)
Non-members: $550 (double occupancy) /$625 (single occupancy)
This covers all transportation, meals, overnight accommodations, and trail fees.

Call 412-258-9463 or email at Audrey.Beichner@Aviary.org to register.

What to Pack: Bring comfortable hiking shoes, a walking stick (if desired), binoculars, a small seat cushion or blanket to sit on, and your camera if you’d like to take photos of the scenic view. A small backpack or daypack is recommended.

This tour includes walking for 30 minutes or more at a time on uneven terrain, including several uphill sections of trail, and so is not recommended for children under 14 years of age.


2018 is the "Year of the Bird," and the National Aviary joins National Geographic Society, National Audubon Society, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Birdlife International in encouraging everyone to #BirdYourWorld this year! You can celebrate Year of the Bird by participating in Global Big Day #2 at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary!