Classes for Bird Lovers with National Aviary Ornithologist, Bob Mulvihill

Thursdays, September 19 & 26

National Aviary

The Ornithologist’s Series

Thursdays, September 19 and 26 | 10 am – 11:30 am
Cost: $35 per class | $25 per class for National Aviary members

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Join National Aviary Ornithologist Bob Mulvihill for a series of classes focusing on unique aspects of birds, from behavior to appearance.  Classes will include both classroom time and time walking in and around the National Aviary. Refreshments will be served!

September 19:    “Appreciating Avian Architecture - Nest Building”
From massive, five-foot nests of branches and twigs, to tiny nests made of foraged fiber, bird nests are amazing architectural feats! Their nests take a number of forms, from plain and simple to ornate and complex. National Aviary Ornithologist Bob Mulvihill will introduce you to the fascinating techniques and materials birds use to create safe places for their eggs and young, then lead you on a short walk through the National Aviary to search for nests.

September 26: “Flap, Glide, Hover, and Soar—Birds in Flight”
Can you identify what type of bird you’re seeing just by the way it flies? The surprising answer is… yes! Birds’ wings differ greatly in size, shape, and number of feathers, and paying attention to these details can tell us so much about the birds we see. National Aviary Ornithologist Bob Mulvihill will introduce you to the evolution and mechanics of avian flight. Learn about the relationship between wing shape and flight behaviors, and observe the flight styles and strategies used by birds in the National Aviary. 

BONUS! October 3: Bird Courtship and Marriage
Book your first class, and receive this bonus class FREE! This fascinating class will be taught by National Aviary 2018 volunteer of the year and retired biochemist Fran Reichl. Bird Courtship and Marriage features examples of mating strategies and mating rituals such as dancing, gift giving, and nest building. There are many varieties of mating strategies, and attendees will begin to understand why these differences exist and whom they benefit. The course also answers the often-discussed question of whether birds mate for life. Refreshments will be provided.

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