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Help care for penguins like Bette!

Bette Needed Critical Care

Bette, a resident African Penguin, was lethargic and not eating. Animal care staff alerted Dr. Pilar Fish, our director of veterinary medicine. During a thorough exam, a golf-ball-sized mass was found in Bette's abdomen, entangling her reproductive tract.

With her life in the balance, Dr. Fish and her team immediately performed a complex, four-hour, microscopic surgery that saved her life. The team effectively removed the mass with no damage to Bette's reproductive organs. 
And recently, a fully-recovered Bette passed an egg!

Why Bette Matters

This lifesaving surgery was significant for the survival of her species. Bette and her mate, Sidney, have done amazing jobs in helping their species, which is endangered in the wild, by hatching 10 chicks at the National Aviary in recent years.


Why You Matter

Her extraordinary recovery is possible thanks not only to her resilient attitude and excellent care, but also because of the generosity of individuals who understand that African Penguins and other birds need help, and they have answered the call for hope.
If you are like us, and believe that true conservation is best accomplished through a combination of measures, I urge you to answer this critical plea with a gift to the National Aviary Avian Conservation Fund today, and you will make a meaningful impact to kick off the giving season. Join with us to support not only world-class veterinary care like Bette's, but also conservation education, critical endangered bird breeding initiatives, and innovative animal husbandry.



Watch as Bette returns to Penguin Point at the National Aviary!

Bette is BACK!