Reasons to Give

Make a difference in a way that is meaningful to you! Give to any of these important campaigns to help save birds and protect their habitats.


New Beginnings: Hatching Hope

Contribute to our spring online fundraising campaign, New Beginnings: Hatching Hope, today. we ask that you add your voice in support of the next generation. Hope for species survival is possible because of caring people like you.  

P.S. Every person who makes a gift to New Beginnings: Hatching Hope will receive a small token of appreciation to celebrate how he or she played a role in saving species.


Support the National Aviary's role in saving baby flamingos in South Africa!

Baby Lesser Flamingos have been abandoned by their parents due to a severe drought at the Kamfers Dam in South Africa. An emergency evacuation and rehabilitation effort is underway now to save the helpless chicks. The National Aviary’s Teri Grendzinski was among the first to arrive on the scene to lend her expertise and support in the overwhelming task to save the flamingos. 


Help care for Penguins like Bette!

Bette the penguin recently recovered from a major abdominal surgery. Thanks to the National Aviary’s expert veterinary team, she’s feeling better, and has returned to penguin point and her mate, Sidney. Read her incredible story and support avian medicine at the National Aviary.