Notice Birds

The National Aviary invites you to #NoticeBirds in 2018!

The National Aviary works to save birds and protect their habitats through education, avian medicine, and conservation programs both locally and internationally. The important work we do each day is part of a collaborative effort to ensure future generations will be able to enjoy birds for years to come.

2018 is a special year for the National Aviary and for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers everywhere, as we celebrate two important milestones.


Butterfly Garden

Daily from 11 am - 4 pm

The Butterfly Garden is back! See local butterfly species up-close as they flutter around you in a specially designed outdoor space in the Rose Garden. Just  like  birds,  butterflies  are  critical  pollinators  that  contribute  to  the  health  of  our  shared  ecosystems.  Butterfly  numbers  are  declining  primarily  due  to  habitat  loss,  making  it  hard  for  caterpillars  to  find  leaves  to  eat.  When  we  help  create  a  healthy  ecosystem  for  pollinators  like  birds  and  butterflies,  we  also  save  the  habitats  of  other  plants  and  animals. Visit our Butterfly Garden to find out how you can transform your backyard into an oasis for butterflies and birds.


Year of the Bird

One hundred years ago the Migratory Bird Treaty Act was far ahead of its time, safeguarding future generations of birds in North America. Today, this powerful federal law continues to protect over 1,000 species. This year,we celebrate the 100th anniversary of this important act.

Join the conversation with #YearoftheBird and #BirdYourWorld. And, share with the National Aviary which birds you notice in 2018 using #NoticeBirds.

Year of the Bird is being celebrated in partnership with The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Audobon, National Geographic, and BirdLife Magazine.


25 Years as the Nation's Aviary

The National Aviary was once the "Pittsburgh Aviary." This year, we celebrate 25 years as the nation's aviary! Since earning “national” status from the U.S. Congress in 1993, the National Aviary has expanded in many ways. We’ve grown in size including the addition of the Helen M. Schmidt FliteZone™ Theater and the rooftop SkyDeck. Educational programs include interactive exhibits and animal encounters as well as community-based programs that plant the seeds of conservation in the minds of the next generation. You can interact with birds like never before!

The most important growth, and the least seen by our visitors, is the National Aviary’s network of national and international strategic partners and activities that have made significant advancements in species and habitat preservation through field research, collaboration and establishment of best practices, both scientifically and medically. These efforts are far reaching and enduring. As we begin the next 25 years, the National Aviary will continue to grow in all ways necessary to raise awareness of the threats to birds and habitats, explore solutions to immediate and long-term concerns, and secure the future of the avian world.