Name The Toucans

This summer, the National Aviary welcomed a pair of Toco Toucans to the new habitat, TreeTops presented by Peoples. These beautiful birds are the world’s largest toucan species and perhaps the most recognizable with their brightly colored beaks. The sociable pair at the National Aviary have quickly become popular with guests, so we’re asking our guests to help give them names! Visit the National Aviary to vote for one of three choices (suggested by the public via an online poll):

  • Mango & Tango – Fun names for these playful, fruit-eating birds.
  • Frank & Ava – A nod to Frank Sinatra (a.k.a. ol’ blue eyes) and Ava Gardner. Fitting since Toco Toucans have bright blue eyes
  • Sol & Lua – Portuguese for “Sun and Moon”

How to Vote: Each visitor to the National Aviary from July 10 – July 24 will receive a ballot that can be cast in one of three ballot boxes near the TreeTops. Guests will also get a limited edition “I voted sticker” and the chance to win two general admission passes to the National Aviary and a toucan feeding for two in which guests can hand-feed fruit to an aracari (small toucan).

The winning names of the Toco Toucan pairs will be announced at our event this Thursday, July 25!