Baby Two-Toed Sloth Joins the Flock at National Aviary


The National Aviary’s newest arrival is a baby Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth.

February 9, 2016 (Pittsburgh, PA) –  A baby Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth has joined the flock at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh where he will be hand-raised to be comfortable around people and to participate in education programs highlighting rainforest species and the dangers they face from rapidly disappearing habitat.  

Measuring just two pounds in weight and 10 inches in length, the three-month old sloth was flown this week to his new home at the National Aviary from a breeder in Florida. He is adjusting well under the attentive care of the National Aviary’s veterinary and training staff, and to his newfound stardom as the Aviary’s newest (and arguably most adorable) baby.

“While the National Aviary is America’s bird zoo, we are delighted to welcome another mammal to our collection,” says National Aviary Director Cheryl Tracy. “The National Aviary features birds from around the world, including species of birds that in the wild share the same habitats as sloths. This precious little sloth will become an important part of our education programming, and will be an ambassador for his species, and for all those creatures that live in the rain forests and cloud forests of Central and South America. Our experience has shown that people are more likely to be moved to take conservation action, and to care about faraway places like the rain forest, when they meet and get close to amazing and beautiful creature like this baby sloth.”

The baby sloth will be on view in the Avian Care Center window beginning February 12 and will be part of educational programming once he has had time to mature and get comfortable in his new home.  Beginning March 25, visitors may book a 30-minute private encounter during which they will learn about the species and have the opportunity to feed and touch him.