Interactive Feedings

Join us throughout the day for special opportunities to help us feed the amazing birds living in our habitats.


Aracari Feeding

You can feed a toucan! Our little toucans are ready to meet you in our newest interactive feeding held in the Helen M Schmidt™ Theater. Come watch the experience during your visit, or for a small fee, have an aracari hop on your hand to enjoy a fruity treat. Photos encouraged--this is one memorable experience to capture and share.


Wetlands Feeding

Wetlands Feedings occur daily in the Wetlands habitat, where guests can volunteer to hold small fish or worms as our birds swoop in for a quick snack.  This large exhibit is home to flamingos, ibises, spoonbills, and a large flock of Inca terns who prefer their fish as an "in-flight" meal, taking fish right out of visitors' hands!  For a small donation, guests can also toss fish to two Brown Pelicans -- the proceeds go to the care and feeding of the Aviary's flock!


Lorikeet Feeding

Lorikeet Feedings take place in their exhibit located in Canary's Call, presented by Dollar Bank. A raucous flock of rainbow lorikeets lives and plays.  These small parrots from Australia drink flower nectar in the wild and are extremely curious.  Brightly colored and fearless, the lorikeets provide visitors with great photo opportunities -- but for the closest possible encounter, guests can purchase a cup of nectar for a small fee.  The lorikeets will land on visitors' arms and hands to feed!


Penguin Feeding

Penguin Feedings happen at 1:00 and 4:00 in Penguin Point.  Currently home to 20 African Penguins, feeding time at the penguin colony can be quite a pushy affair!  Learn amazing facts about these birds as their trainers feed the penguins their afternoon meals, consisting of a variety of fish like anchovies, sardines, and capelin.


Bat Feeding

Malayan Flying Foxes are the furry residents of Canary’s Call, presented by Dollar Bank! Daily bat feedings are designed to give visitors a better understanding of the world of the megabats and their important role in their ecosystem. Visitors watch and learn as National Aviary trainers feed the bats and talk about their remarkable habits. Come prepared with questions and ready to acquire a few new bat facts!


Please check the Daily Events Schedule for current feeding times.