The Giving Tree

Give our birds a gift from the Giving Tree!

Your Giving Tree donation is tax deductible and helps keep our animal commissary stocked with tasty food, provides enrichment toys for our birds, and supplies other useful items that help us accomplish our mission. Giving Tree donations will go toward our general operating fund to be used for all aspects of animal care and successful operations at the National Aviary. Give a gift online or do so in person by stopping by the Giving Tree located in Eagle Hallway near the West Entrance.

It’s easy to make a gift online, using our Donation Page:

  1. Browse the Giving Tree list of items to find a gift to give.
  2. Visit our Donation Page by clicking HERE or using the link to the left of this page.
  3. Select Annual Operating Fund, enter your contact information and the gift amount, and in the comments section type the gift description.
  4. Feel better knowing your donation is very much appreciated by our birds!

Giving Tree Gifts for Our Birds:

  • $10 - 5 water dishes 
  • $10 - 5 frozen rats
  • $10 - 1,000 crickets
  • $15 - 5 papayas
  • $15 - 1,000 super worms
  • $19 - Leaf skimmer for our penguin pool 
  • $20 - Medium puzzle toy for the parrots 
  • $20 - Floating toy for the penguins
  • $21 - Case of bananas
  • $25  - Fish for the birds for one single day
  • $36 - Case of apples
  • $36 - 20 lbs. of bird pellet
  • $45 - 10 lbs. of blueberries
  • $55 - 100 frozen mice for our birds of prey 
  • $60 - Large puzzle toy for the parrots
  • $60 - Raptor handling glove
  • $100 - 1,000 live minnows for our wetlands birds 

While we appreciate your generosity, we can only accept monetary donations through the Giving Tree. Please do not bring in or mail actual gift items. Any gift items brought in person or mailed to the National Aviary will not be accepted.