No Birds at Feeder?

Why are there no birds at my feeder?

At certain times of the year, especially in late summer and early fall, you will notice that your bird feeder isn't as popular as it once was. When there is an abundance of weed seeds and berries, birds don't need to come to your feeder.

It may also be the wrong time of day. After watching their feeders all day, some people will swear no birds visit. However, some birds will only come to feeders at daybreak, yet others, like cardinals, feed at dusk.

Birds routinely change their feeding behavior. Temperature, weather, time of year, and time of day all influence feeding habits. In mild weather, when wild food is plentiful, birds will use your feeder less. When they are under more pressure to find food, such as in inclement weather, they will regularly visit your feeder.

Your neighbor's feeders may also be attracting a larger audience. They may have a more appealing seed selection or a better water supply than you. Or perhaps your neighbor's feeder offers birds more protection than yours does.

Finally, you may just live in an area with a low bird population. If your yard lacks trees, shrubs, and grasses, this is not an ideal site for birds. They choose areas with abundant food, water, and nesting supplies.