Emergency Care Efforts-Dottie

The National Aviary Still Needs Your Support

The National Aviary's birds continue to need our care - after all, their lives have not changed amid this pandemic. With more than 550 birds and mammals, this is a great challenge. But it's one you can help us rise to meet. 

Update: Dottie has been through an incredible journey. Watch as Dottie returns to Penguin Point.

It is thanks in large part to the continued support of our donors, members, and visitors that we have been able to provide continued high-level care for Dottie, as well as more than 550 birds and mammals who call the National Aviary home.


Dottie's Full Story

We are hopeful for healing.

Your donation today helps birds like Dottie, who fell ill last October. Through careful examination, the National Aviary's veterinary team found a large mass in Dottie's chest. She had pneumonia, and the mass was likely a lung abscess. Her prognosis was not good. 

Dottie received a customized, high level treatment plan, including human-grade antibiotics, respiratory medicine, daily oxygen, and intensive nursing treatment. She started to show an improvement, but something critical was missing - her companion.

Before Dottie became ill, she spent all of her time with her mate, Stanley. While in intensive care, Dottie was alone without Stan for the first time. Dottie was fragile and needed to rest, but also needed to see Stan to feel better. Dottie's care team brought Stan to the ICU to visit her. Dottie immediately felt better. Eventually, Stan moved into the hospital with Dottie full-time. 

Dottie needs long-term medications and regular rechecks to stay stable, but with this high level of daily care, she can live a normal, active life.


This is just one story of survival and hope. There are many more. 

We have a responsibility to continue to provide our birds with the best possible care. With your support, we can continue to offer uncompromised care for our birds. Please make a gift today to help in this time of urgent need.

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