Private Penguin Feeding Encounter - 1:00 PM

Call 412-258-9445 to book!

Join our colony of penguins along the rocky coast of Penguin Point in this interactive experience! 

Now you can get even closer to everyone’s favorite tuxedoed friends with a Private Penguin feeding! During this exciting experience, put on boots and hip-waders and enter the habitat alongside one of the National Aviary’s aviculturists. You’ll learn from the expert how to hand-feed our African Penguins. Then, try feeding one of our penguins yourself! Penguins will waddle toward you and our staff for their tasty fish dinner.

Information and Pricing: $100 per person. Does not include General Admission.

Book your Penguin Feeding Encounter in advance. Space is limited and Encounters fill quickly. Please call 412-258-9445 for more information or to book your Penguin Feeding Encounter today!