Amazing Amazon - 11:00 AM

Helen M. Schmidt FliteZoneā„¢ Theater


Daily 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in the Helen M. Schmidt FliteZone™ Theater

You’ll be amazed by the wild wonders of the Amazon in this interactive live bird presentation. Visit the National Aviary’s newly renovated Helen M. Schmidt FliteZoneTM Theater! Meet our new Toco Toucan, marvel at a Southern Three-banded Armadillo, make friends with Valentino the sloth, and be mesmerized by colorful macaws! Learn how these tropical species interact with their environments and what sustainable choices you can make to help protect the world’s rainforests!


Tickets are available at the visitor service desk and gift shop for $3.


Funding for the Amazing Amazon theater renovations and show has been generously provided by the Robert and Mary Weisbrod Foundation.