National Aviary Avian Conservation Fund

You can help save Guam Kingfishers from extinction.

Extinct in the wild—and with only about 150 left on this planet—Guam Kingfishers are at an important turning point.

The National Aviary is proud to have recently hatched two of these precious birds. They may be small, but their survival is BIG for the future of their species.

And do you want to know a secret? We have actually hatched two more kingfishers! With four hatchings, our breeding protocol is working, and you can help us continue this success!

The National Aviary is Taking Action

It’s not just kingfishers we are fighting for. This story is one of many at the National Aviary happening every day to help save species around the world—from the beloved African Penguin to South America’s mighty Andean Condor and Asia’s little-known Fairy Bluebird. You play a key role in their survival!

With this appeal, we are proud to launch the National Aviary Avian Conservation Fund, which will provide financial support for our breeding advances, conservation initiatives and research that helps save birds from extinction.

You Can Help

You can become a champion for conservation by donating to this new fund. Expert assessments show that more than 200 species of the world’s birds are at risk of going extinct within our lifetime. Nearly 50 different species of birds are actively involved in breeding programs at the National Aviary. Every one matters. Your gift today will help safeguard the ability of future generations to enjoy these birds, not just see pictures of them.

With excellent care provided at the National Aviary, the immediate future of our four little Guam Kingfishers looks bright, but the future of their species, and many others like it, is a different story. They cannot do it alone. Will you help save birds from extinction?

Your donation today can double in value! Peoples Natural Gas has generously pledged a dollar-for-dollar match up to $10,000. This means your gift will go further!

Please donate to the National Aviary Avian Conservation Fund today to ensure a successful tomorrow for birds everywhere.


Cheryl L. Tracy
Executive Director