Falcon Nest at the Cathedral of Learning

Peregrines have nested at the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning since 2002. Dorothy and E2 are the parents at this site. Dorothy began nesting here in 2002 with her first mate, Erie. E2 arrived in the fall of 2007 when Erie disappeared. Dorothy fledged 22 chicks in seven years with Erie and 19 chicks since 2008 with E2. For recent news on Pittsburgh's peregrines, Kate St. John's Bird Blog.

A new camera was installed in late January hoping for better color and focus. Unfortunately condensation has formed inside the housing and we cannot go out on the ledge and clean the camera per the PA Game Commission (the state agency in charge of these endangered birds) as it may disturb the peregrines during their nesting season. We hope the camera will clear on its own.

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