Celebrate the Season

Get in the holiday spirit at the National Aviary!

Kick off the holidays but skip the winter weather! At the National Aviary, you can explore a tropical paradise and celebrate the season with a dynamic new show, visits from Santa, holiday camps, and opportunities to check everyone off your shopping list! 

Make your visit to the one-and-only National Aviary unforgettable with these festive experiences:
      • Bird Brains | Daily at 11 am and 1:30 pm
        Except for Tuesdays when our birds are resting.
        Test your bird intelligence quotient with this new, limited time show with a holiday twist! Watch colorful parrots compete in an obstacle course, and see friendly flamingos. You’ll be in awe of our clever crow, majestic owl and adorable penguin as they each demonstrate their intelligence and adapations.

      • VIP Experience - Call to set up the ideal time for you!
        Get the star treatment with this half-day experience, customized just for you. You'll get to go behind-the-scenes and meet beautiful birds up close. Call 412-258-9439 to book your one-of-a-kind day.

      • Birdly® by SOMNIACS - flights available daily 
        Santa's not the only one that can fly through the skies this holiday season! Dive between skyscrapers and feel the wind in your hair as you dip and turn or glide peacefully above Central Park. 


Check out what's new this winter:

  • NOW LIVE! Penguin Nest Cam
    Our African Penguins Sidney and Bette are expecting chicks. Watch in real-time as this penguin family grows. 
  • NEW! Armadillo Pup Encounter - daily at 2:30 pm
    Learn all about Southern Three-banded Armadillos, take photos of him, touch his natural armor, and interact with him using enrichment toys.
  • Fly One, Get One - until December 31
    When you purchase one flight on Birdly®, you'll get a second flight FREE!
  • Notice Birds - January 1
    Let us know the first bird you see or hear using #NoticeBirds on Facebook or Twitter. If you spot a bird that you can't identify, National Aviary Ornithologist Bob Mulvihill will help you identify the species. Just post a description, picture or video of your first bird to our Facebook or Twitter page with #NoticeBirds, and tag us! 

Find One-of-a-Kind Gifts and Souvenirs!

  • Maker Challenge - Local Art featuring the National Aviary's most popular animals is available for purchase in our gift shop. Visit to discover beautiful pieces for your home and thoughtful gifts for friends and family. 
  • National Aviary Gift Shop - Find an array of unique nature-themed gifts, artwork, books, toys, and clothing for every occasion! Find thoughtful gifts for everyone on your shopping list, like fun and festive ornaments. Need more ideas? Look no further than our Holiday Gift Guide!