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The National Aviary has received notification that the bridge over the railroad tracks on Ridge Avenue near the National Aviary has a new weight restriction of 3 tons, effective 3/25/15. This means that buses and large trucks can no longer travel over the bridge. Police are enforcing this restriction and have begun issuing citations. 

To avoid the bridge and access the National Aviary, buses should proceed to North Ave. From North Avenue, turn onto Arch Street. Arch Street bends to the right, then to the left, around a hospital building. The street straightens, and the National Aviary is located on your right side.  Bus parking is available along Arch Street.

When leaving the National Aviary, proceed down Arch Street to Ridge Ave. At the light, DO NOT make a right onto Ridge Ave.  You must make a left and proceed around Allegheny Commons circle. From there, you can re-access North Ave., or a number of other streets that will lead you out of the Northside and on to your final destination.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. We look forward to seeing you at the National Aviary!