Every Step Can Help Save a Species: Annual Appeal

Do you recall a time when you, your children, or grandchildren saw a baby bird? 

Did it spark a sense of wonder, compassion, concern, or love?

In nature, young birds face tough odds. With new construction and agricultural expansion, deforestation, invasive species, illegal pet trade, and hunting and trapping, nearly half of the world’s birds are in decline. It is staggering that one out of eight bird species is threatened with extinction.

Birds like the National Aviary’s endangered African Penguins could be extinct in the wild in as little as 10 years—and our Guam Kingfishers are already extinct in the wild!

There is hope.

Together, we can act to save birds and protect their habitats. By making a gift today, you can support conservation, environmental education, and animal care initiatives at the National Aviary and help to ensure future generations will be able to enjoy birds for years to come.

  • More than 20 birds have hatched as a part of our breeding programs this year alone. And some, like our Guam Rails, are reintroduced into the wild! Each one requires specialized husbandry and a veterinary care plan. 
  • Every year, thousands of schoolchildren—from all grade levels and backgrounds—learn about birds up close. Students not only see beautiful animals with incredible diversity, but also discover birds as some of the most fragile creatures on the planet. Many are experiencing birds like this for the very first time—and learning that they, too, have a role in saving endangered species.
  • International partnerships for conservation and our veterinary internship program have allowed the National Aviary to advance best practices and life-saving medical treatments on a global scale

Your gift will allow our team of specialists to deliver pioneering veterinary care, provide enriching habitats and high-quality husbandry, and create innovative environmental education programs.

This will only be possible through your generosity and foresight to see that the situation is critical. The time to take action is now.

Every bird matters. Reinforce your commitment to assist baby birds in fulfilling their potential, help our researchers in the field, and provide valuable learning opportunities for students with a gift to the National Aviary.

Join with me. 

Please join with me and make a donation today, and then ask your friends and family to join you in this important plight. Continue to be a leader in inspiring a sense of compassion, wonder, inspiration, concern, and love for birds—especially those newly hatched and needing our care.


Cheryl L. Tracy
Executive Director