Penguin Plaques

Penguin Plaques –
Limited Time Offer 

Engrave your name in brass at Penguin Point!

Penguin Plaques not only serve as a celebration of friends and family, but they also provide building blocks for our future. Your brass plate engraving will make the National Aviary a better place for our birds, guests, and community! And your gift will be commemorated at Penguin Point for all to see!

Brass plates may be engraved with up to 3 lines, each line containing up to 20 characters. Honor someone, congratulate a family member, or surprise a friend. You will be helping us soar to new heights!

The Penguin Plaque opportunity is only available for a limited time. Brass plates are now on sale and limited to just 50 total brass plates. 

Click here for the Penguin Plaque order form.

Reserve your brass plate today!

Your engraved message will be displayed for a minimum of three years in Penguin Point!

$250 donation per brass plate. 100% fully tax-deductible.

Questions: Email or call 412-258-9433


Your Support Helps Us Soar! 

African Penguins are an endangered species. As an Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) accredited member, the National Aviary’s African Penguins participate in an important international breeding program, called a Species Survival Plan. This program aims to keep captive populations genetically diverse and sustainable.

The National Aviary is also an active supporter of AZA’s SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE). Through SAFE, AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums convenes scientists and stakeholders globally to identify the factors threatening species, develops Conservation
Action Plans, collects new resources and engages the public.

By supporting the Penguin Plaques program, you will help us expand our penguin breeding program, enable us to send our aviculturists to work with and learn from wild African Penguins, and continue to raise public awareness through daily interactions at the National Aviary.