Say Hello to our Grey Crowned-crane chick!

Welcome to the World, Grey Crowned-crane Chick!

Meet the newest member of our flock: a Grey Crowned-crane chick! The chick hatched on July 27. It weighed 87 grams and was about the size of a large pear when it hatched.



Get to know our Grey Crowned-crane chick:

  • Scientific Name: Balearica regulorum.
  • Habitat: Grey Crowned-cranes are native to the wetlands of Southern and Eastern Africa.
  • This chick will reach its full adult size (over 3 feet tall!) within 3 months and develop adult plumage around 18 months after hatching. Adult Grey Crowned-cranes weigh about 6.5 pounds.
  • The chick is being hand-raised at the National Aviary to become an ambassador for its species.
  • Grey Crowned-cranes are endangered due to habitat loss and overuse of pesticides. We can help cranes around the world by reducing the use of chemicals that can be returned to the environment.