Children's Birthday Parties

Create a Unique Children's Birthday Party at the National Aviary!

The National Aviary is a birthday party venue unlike any other in Pittsburgh! Have a high-flying adventure and create memories with our feathered friends. Then, experience up-close interactions with more beautiful birds throughout the National Aviary’s exhibits. Looking for a grown-up birthday experience? Visit our plan your event page.


Our children’s birthday party package includes:

  • A birthday party room rental for an hour-and-a-half
  • Two party time options, 10:30AM-12:00PM or 2:30PM-4:00PM
  • Same-day general admission for 20* guests (any combination of children and adults)

*More or less in your nest? No problem! Add additional guests at a discounted rate of $10 per person.

Bring your own birthday cake or cupcakes to blow out the candles! We do not allow any other outside food, but we do offer catering through Atria’s Kookaburra Kitchen.

Kookaburra Kitchen Catering Menu

Bird-Day Party Base Package Pricing

  • Member Cost: $200
  • Nonmember Cost: $250

Bring more guests to your party at a reduced admission rate of $10 per person.  Payment for registered guests is due 10 days prior to the event.

Your child’s birthday party will soar with these unique extras!

Birdly Package - $100

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Make your dream a virtual reality. 

Jurassic Flight
is a full-body immersive flying adventure for the Birdly® flight simulator, which combines robotics and virtual reality technology to give users of all ages a “first-person” perspective of the world of dinosaurs. Jurassic Flight fliers inhabit the avatar of Kepodactylus, a pterosaur of the Late Jurassic, as they soar, dive, and bank through a world inhabited by Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Brontosaurus and other iconic dinosaurs of the era. Developed in consultation with leading paleontologists, Jurassic Flight features a cast of in-game photorealistic CGI dinosaurs, combining the thrill of the Birdly platform with an educational foundation.

Lie on the simulator chest down, flap your arms using hinged wings, controlling direction and speed of travel while a fan simulates headwinds and flying speed. Motors and actuators tilt and dip your body in response. The sensory-motor coupling essentially tricks the brain. Between the motion, wind, sound and visuals, you are effectively flying! A large monitor allows spectators to witness what you're experiencing.

Note: To operate Birdly®, participants will align their arms with the machine's "wings." The rider's "wingspan" (distance from finger tip to finger tip) must be at least 50".  This private package is available for the 10:30AM birthday party time slot only.

Avian and Animal Encounters

Want more avian fun? Add up to three encounters with a penguin, parrot, bird of prey, or an armadillo(New!) for an additional $100 per animal!

Parrot Painting - $150 

A parrot will create an 8 1/2"x11" painting in two colors of your choice while a National Aviary expert explains how we train these amazing birds.  The encounter lasts approximately 20 minutes and does not include touching the bird.

Owl Pellet Dissection - $75 (includes 15 pellets)

Learn what owls eat—and how—during this special encounter.  We provide all supplies, educational materials and instruction. This encounter must be reserved at least 2 weeks prior to party date. Additional pellets: $5 ea. 


Questions? Read our Birthday Party FAQ


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PLEASE NOTE: The National Aviary is NOT an allergen-free facility, as many of our birds’ diets include nuts, seeds, and other potential human allergens.