The National Aviary will open at noon on Sunday, May 1 due to road closures for the Pittsburgh Marathon. Good luck runners!

The National Aviary will open at noon on Sunday, May 1 due to road closures for the Pittsburgh Marathon. Good luck runners!

Pet Parrot Workshops

Positive Parroting is a lecture series specifically created for people who own parrots and want new information to enrich their pets’ lives. Topics include innovative caging, choosing perches, healthy diets, common poisons to avoid, and entertaining activities for your parrot. Learn bird training skills to help with challenging behaviors, and make your own parrot enrichment toys to take home. Programs include lectures, written materials, demonstrations, and interactive training sessions, taught by the National Aviary's Head Avian Veterinarian and Manager of Bird Training. Participants leave with valuable and practical information that adds to their parrot’s life.


Positive Parroting--Summer 2014 Series


The Healthy Happy Parrot

June 28, 10:00 am—12:00 pm

Parrots are amazing pets but can be challenging. This class offers innovative ideas in parrot care. Taught by an avian veterinarian, new information is given on cage designs, choosing perches, making play areas, safe toys, healthy diets, common poisons to avoid, and enriching activities for your parrot. Actual demonstrations are given of each topic with interactive discussions. Join this unique class and take home new ideas for your healthy happy parrot. $20/members $25/nonmembers


Training Your Pet Bird

July 26, 10:00 am—12:00 pm

Do you want a better relationship with your pet parrot? Learn how to interact with and train your parrot in a positive way. The class will cover some common behavior issues that parrot owners have. Participants will leave with information and resources that will provide insight into the basics of positive reinforcement training and will help owners deal with challenges that arise from having one of the most intelligent birds in their home. Workshop will include live training demonstrations with the National Aviary’s parrots. Please leave your bird at home.
$20/members $25/nonmembers


Pet Bird Enrichment

August 30, 10:00 am—12:00 pm

Parrot enrichment is adding activities that encourage natural behaviors.  Learn new things you can give your parrot to keep them busy and happy.  Is your parrot screaming and chewing things at home?  Replace these behaviors with natural activities made just for parrots.  In this workshop, learn different types of enrichment concepts and how to use them with your own bird.  Taught by the National Aviary’s head bird trainer and veterinarian, the information is practical and strengthens the bond with your bird.  Included in this workshop is an interactive session where you can make toys to take home to your parrot. $20/members $25/nonmembers




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