Penguin Cam

Get your penguin fix! It’s the National Aviary’s African Penguin cam, live from our Penguin Point exhibit! Watch them waddle, play, eat, and swim until your craving is satisfied. This well-dressed crew will make you smile!

Penguin Point features a colony of 20 African Penguins!

The National Aviary is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' (AZA) Species Survival Plans (SSP) doing our part to ensure a healthy population of African Penguins and other critically endangered birds.

Six African Penguins have been hatched at the National Aviary since 2012. They are Tribby and Kaden in 2012, Disco and Mary Beth in 2013 and Goldilocks and Happy hatched in December 2014. All six chicks hatched at the National Aviary are the offspring of penguin parents Sidney and Bette.

We have a few pairs that have valuable genetics in relation to the population within zoos and aquariums and hope to see more hatchings in the future.

Please help the National Aviary continue its work with African Penguins as well as other threatened and endangered birds by donating today!