The National Aviary will be closed April 28 for maintenance and cleaning. We will reopen at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Finding an Injured or Lost Bird

Please do not bring injured or sick birds to the National Aviary. We are not licensed to handle wild birds and they pose a potential health danger to our birds.


If you find an injured bird, please contact:

Animal Rescue League Wildlife Rehabilitation Center:

(Mammals, songbirds, raptors)

Wildbird Recovery, Inc.:

(Songbirds only)

Moon Veterinary Hospital:

(Mammals, songbirds, raptors)

Wildlife Works, Inc.:

(Mammals, songbirds, raptors)


If you find a bird that you believe to be a lost pet, contact:

Humane Society:


Animal Friends:


Be sure to call first, as they may not be staffed at all hours.